Future Then View

Gain extensive supply chain insights with Future Then View

Acquire new insights into your supply chain

Demand depends on the state and behavior of thousands of variables, from the effects of weather, seasonality, and events on consumer purchasing patterns to the wholesalers’ inventory levels and logistics planning. Future Then View enables you to discover what’s driving your supply chain, so that you can plan and control sales.

Augmented by AI

Even with small supply chains, the amount of details quickly becomes overwhelming. Future Then View uses advanced AI to sift through large data stores to reduce the human workload and discover hidden information that can be hard for humans to detect.

Real-time analytics

No time is like the present. Future Then View is designed from the ground up to provide every analytic, every report, and every metric in real-time, ensuring that you discover important events as quickly as possible.

Integrate data across your organization

Future Then View can gather and integrate data from multiple data sources to provide the most timely, accurate, and complete analysis possible. Whether your data comes from an ERP system, data warehouse, PDF-file or any other data source, Future Then View has capability to fit your needs.

Enhance your insights with addons

Obtain cutting edge forecasts with our Then Forecast and achieve the best production plan with Then Production, or build the most effective campaign plan with our Then Campaigns addons.

Meet customer demand

Understanding the forces driving demand, both internal and external minimizes the risk of unexpected demand and helps avoid backlogged or unfulfilled orders.

Reduce inventory cost

With better supply chain insight, inventory levels can be reduced while still meeting required service levels, allowing you to reduce the cost of inbound and outbound inventory over time.

Reduce product costs

A better understanding of the demand for a product provides clearer expectations between actors in the supply chain and provides a more robust foundation during negotiations.

Increase revenue

Reducing surplus inventory releases resources that can now be directed to holding a more extensive portfolio of products in stock, reducing the chance of lost sales.

Improve planner productivity

With a AI augmented analytics system, planners are able to spend less time tweaking the parameters of models in an ERP system and instead focus on activities providing operational value.