The possibilities

Deep insights: From procurement to sales

Our proprietary AI models allows for deeper understanding of the forces driving the flow of goods throughout the supply chain, and easily produce forecasts for sales and the procurement of components. With Future Then View you will be able to see every small detail that affects your supply chain.

Explore the future like the past

Why should the future be seen different from the past? Our models forecast the values of thousands of parameters, allowing the user to explore possible futures. Our Then Forecasting module will give you the latest and up to date forecast for every level.

Planning with uncertainty in mind

A forecast alone will always be just a forecast. and when you plan your future needs and sequence of orders for production, you must assets the uncertainty of your forecast in order to plan safely in volatile supply chains. Then Production uses our advanced planning engine to tackle this problem and many more.

AI driven marketing

Our models automatically discover successful factors of past sales and marketing activities, and supports the planning of future campaigns or advertisements. Stay ahead in the sales game with our Then Campaigns module.