Project Management, Consulting and Implementation

At Future Then, we have a broad competence in various fields in the business world. We offer everything from project management and consulting to development and implementation within, among other things, advanced machine learning and analysis, to the development and automation of the digital factory.

AI and Machine Learning

Our machine learning specialists help companies develop solutions that deliver tangible results.

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that enables machines to learn how to perform tasks that previously only humans were able to perform, or that are too difficult for even humans to handle.

Advanced Analysis and Reporting

Updated, accurate and effective information is the most important prerequisite for making good decisions. Our experts will use the latest analytical techniques and tools to help you gain insights that enable you to make better and faster decisions.

Through close collaboration with our customers, we gain an understanding of the customer’s needs and develop tailored analyzes, reports and dashboards that provide exactly the information the customer needs.


Factory Digitalization

The secret behind efficient production is not only about spending money on expensive machinery, but having control and overview of the machines you already have.

Our experts can assist in collecting data from both old and new machines and visualize or transfer them to your factory systems. With this data we can aid in creating digital shift reports, automatic logging of OEE and much more.

Consulting in robotics

Robots are a corner stones of modern industrial automation. If you want to cut wages, reduce production time or ensure a more predictable manufacturing process, robots are usually the solution. They never get tired or sick and can work tirelessly week in and week out.

Together we can find out what kind of robot solution fits your needs. We have a special focus on cobots without fences that can quickly be installed and integrated into the production, without much changes to your facilities.