Then Forecast

The future of demand forecasting

Cutting edge accuracy and precision

Then Forecast is built using proprietary technology to produce forecasts with cutting-edge accuracy and minimal uncertainty without the need for extensive knowledge in machine learning and applied statistics.

Forecasts at every level

With Then Forecast, forecasts for every actor, every product, and every product component and every combination therein is at your fingertips instantly. Allowing you to explore the future as easily as the past.

Seamless collaboration between man and machine

No dataset contains all information needed to perfectly predict the future. Therefore, Then Forecast is built from the ground up to enable unprecedented collaboration between human and AI algorithms, seamlessly merging the best abilities of each.

More than just a number

A forecast is only useful if it can be trusted and understood. In Then Forecast, the forecasts are created by Explainable AI models such that every prediction can be decomposed, analyzed, and understood.

Discover changes in demand earlier

With our demand sensing, behaviors signaling changes in demand can be detected early, giving you more time to react than what is possible using historical data alone.