Then Campaigns

The future of marketing campaign planning

The data you need at your fingertips

Data-driven campaigns planning is all about having the information you need available when you need it. Then Campaigns smartly provides the information you need for deciding how to plan a campaign for maximum return. From small promotions to large scale marketing campaigns.

AI augmented planning

Even for modest product portfolios and supply chains, fully understanding the effects and risks of a campaign becomes impossible for humans alone. In Then Campaigns, advanced models estimate the impact of a campaign and estimate the risk by comparing it against earlier campaigns and trends in data.

Automatic campaign planning

In Then Campaigns, campaign planners can leverage our advanced AI models to automate the difficult job of planning campaigns. With automation available for everything from suggesting single campaigns to planning out months of campaign activities.

Tie the campaigns directly to forecasts

Planning campaigns are fundamentally tied to forecasts. Combine Then Campaigns with Then Forecasting to unlock the full potential of campaign planning within Future Then View.